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Empowering Business Growth

Our Mission

Professionally provide superb and unbiased business analysis and solutions to local businesses across the Tri-State Area

Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy is how one business distinguishes itself from another 

competing entity. It is what makes the identity of your business. A weak corporate strategy leads to sub-optimal financial and market share growth. However, a strong and sophisticated corporate strategy can lead to putting your competitors in the before mentioned position and your business on the road to greater prosperity. 

Streetwise Consultants will do an overall analysis of your business, your competitors, your operations, assets, and resources, and help you craft a corporate strategy that empowers 

organic growth. 

Tax & Financial Advisory

Streetwise Consultants partners with veteran CPA tax advisors to provide tax solutions that relieve your business's bottom line. Often times, businesses, managers, and business owners are not fully competent in how to use the Corporate Tax Code to their advantage. Streetwise, bridges that gap in knowledge. 

Streetwise also provides business 

financial analysis which includes, but is not limited to: Managerial Accounting, new projects or initiatives, Capital Structure, and or expansionary maneuvers. Streetwise will crunch the numbers and provide a solution that positions your business in a better financial situation to generate organic growth. 


Getting your brand, product, and or service in front of your targeted customers is half of the effort, the other half is communicating it in a manner that will drive sales. From aerial drone and 360 degree videography, to strategic exploitation of a new market, customer segment, or marketing channel, Streetwise Marketing puts your goals within grasp in a holistic, decisive, and sophisticated fashion. 

Streetwise Marketing will be made with your corporate strategy, brand, and financial goals in mind. Superior and strategic marketing is a difference maker, and will give you the extra horsepower needed to take market share away from your competitors with a large impact on your top line without a large expense impact on your bottom line. 

Project Management

Streetwise Project Management can help you value, organize, and or execute a new initiative for your business. This can be expanding your operation to an additional store, buying new equipment, or promoting and executing an event. 


Often times, a project can be attractive to local business owners, only to turn out to be a financial trap.  Streetwise can help identify and value an initiative that fits your corporate strategy, organize the necessary assets, and help you execute on time and on budget. 

Operational Analysis

Streetwise Consultants will take an unbiased, practical, and numbers driven approach to auditing your business's operations. This can be an audit of your current financial controls, your supply chain, and how your employees are working with your assets. 

When it comes to processes, a person is not as efficient as a machine. However, with analysis and sound consulting you can narrow the gap. The greater your operational efficiency, the more cash will flow to your bottom line. 

E-Commerce & Website Development 

Streetwise Consultants believes an online presence is critical to businesses in today's technological era. 20 years ago, you could not think about finding everything you wanted or needed on one online store. However, that is the reality that we live in today

For almost every local store in the United States, Amazon is your biggest competitor. Having a presence on Amazon and with your own website is critical to expanding your market and revenue. 


Port Jefferson, New York 11777  Tel: (646)-642-8500

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